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2nd Seminar of the Research Group in Geography and Gender of the academic year 23/24

On Friday, December 15, Amalia Calderon Argelich and Nicole Chávez González participated in the second session of the 23-24 academic year of the Geography and Gender Research Group seminar.

Amalia Calderon Argelich is a researcher at the Barcelona Laboratory for Urban and Environmental Justice and Sustainability and the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA-UAB). The conference she gave is entitled: “The green city from an environmental justice and gender perspective: study case of Barcelona.” On the one hand, Amalia problematizes the lack of a critical analysis on how the planning of the Urban Green Infrastructure is related to environmental, social and gender inequalities. Thus, through two different studies, her research aims to contribute to a more inclusive and fair approach to urban greening to create more equitable and sustainable urban environments with a gender perspective.

The first study deals with how gender inequalities have been a specific dimension particularly ignored in the planning of urban vegetation. Through an evaluation of urban green plans and projects at the local level, it has been identified how social and gender equity issues are being taken into account in the design and implementation of green spaces in the city of Barcelona. In the second study, it is observed how the COVID-19 pandemic has generated changes in the use of public space, affecting the residents of Barcelona neighborhoods in an intersectional way. The changes related to the use and perception of public green and blue spaces by women and non-binary people will be shown throughout the pandemic in the neighborhoods of San Antoni and La Barceloneta, within the context of gentrification and touristification.

Finally, Nicole Chávez González, doctoral student from the Gender Studies Doctorate program at the UAB and the Sociology Doctorate Program at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, presented the objectives and approach of her research.