Seminar on Geography and Gender: researchers analyse women’s role in Popular Culture and insurgent spatial practices

On Friday 31 May, the Geography and Gender Research Group organised a seminar with the participation of two prominent researchers:

Beatriz Navarrete Sepúlveda from the Catholic University of Temuco, Chile, presented ‘The Role of Women in Rural Popular Culture. Towards a Critical Gender Cartography of Popular Art (CCGap). Comparative experiences between Chile and Spain’. Her research highlights the role of women in the preservation of popular artistic practices and proposes an interdisciplinary model to make these activities visible through a critical gender cartography.

Ana Carolina Dos Santos Marques, PhD student in Geography at the Universidade Estadual Paulista, presented ‘Peripheral culture and young black women: the institution of insurgent spatial practices’. Her thesis analyses the socio-spatial dynamics in Brazilian cities and how young black women use insurgent spatial practices to affirm their identities and establish new spatialities.

The seminar concluded with an enriching discussion on the methodologies and approaches presented, underlining the importance of interdisciplinary research in geography and gender.
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