Currently, the SGR INTERFASE team consists of a group of senior and junior scientists, technical and administration staff from different disciplines: social anthropology, applied geography, environmental law, history, coastal geomorphology, marine geology, biology, environmental sciences, landscape ecology, urban and regional planning, spatial information technologies, projects management. Furthermore, the team has a consolidated working experience in several fields of study, research and consulting:

  • Integrated Spatial Analysis (land use changes, coasts and seas, mountain areas, river catchments, urban and rural settlements…).
  • Socio-environmental problems (biodiversity, ecosystem services, noise pollution, protected areas, marine and terrestrial protected areas, land grabbing processes…).
  • Planning, governance and participation (martime activities, sustainable tourism, Integrated Coastal Zone Management, climate change and adaptation in planning management …).
  • Urban and territorial transboundary cooperation networks.
  • Development of methodologies: LEAC, tools for sustainable development (indicators, scenarios, DPSIR) and spatialization of statistics. Applied tools for the assessment of the state and vulnerability of wetlands, ecosystems health and potential, etc.
  • Geoinformation systems and remote sensing analysis (interactive atlases, SDI’s, geonodes, GIS).
  • Migration processes and climate change.

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