Pilot project in the Adriatic on testing the candidate common indicator ‘Land use change’ in the Mediterranean within the EcAp framework/EcAp-MED project

Brief Description:

In the overall framework of an EU funded project on the “Implementation of the Ecosystem Approach in the Mediterranean by the Contracting parties in the context of the Barcelona Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment and the coastal region of the Mediterranean and its Protocols” (EcAp-MED project 2012-15), the Pilot project in the Adriatic aims, following up on the CORMON outcomes, to test the applicability of the land-use change candidate common indicator, though a sub-regional pilot.

Financing institution: Agreement between UNEP and PAP/RAC

Duration of the project: 02/02/2015 – 29/05/2015

Budget: 44.490€

Overall objectives:

The major objectives of this pilot Project is to test the monitoring of land uses changes in the Adriatic coastal areas so to test the feasibility of monitoring techniques and its applicability for other Mediterranean sub-regions. The objective is also to test the draft monitoring guidelines for this specific indicator and provide evidence for the usage of the results for the PAP/RAC Focal Points meeting (May 2015) and the CORMON Coast and Hydro meeting (May 2015) requirements.

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